The LARIAT Suture Delivery Device is an elegant and intuitive suture-based solution to soft-tissue closure, compatible with a wide range of anatomical shapes.* Physicians can now offer remote suture delivery for immediate, complete closure, with no metal, clip, or implant left behind.

Closure Without Compromise

  • Precise, user-controlled remote delivery of a 45 mm pre-tied suture loop through access of 4.3 mm or greater
  • Highly secure Meltzer knot tightened with TenSURE Suture Tightener for confidence in closure
  • Collapsible snare retains suture until ready to deploy—open and close as needed to confirm placement without suture release
  • Compatible with a wide range of anatomical shapes and sizes up to 45 mm in width, 20 mm in height, and 70 mm in length
  • The LARIAT leaves only a small remnant of “0” braided polyester suture behind

Suture Type: Teflon-coated, braided polyester – non-absorbable
Suture Size: USP 0 (3.5 metric)
Knot Type: Meltzer (Modified-Roeder), one-way slip knot
Max. Target Size: W 45 mm x H 20 mm x L 70 mm
Min. Access Size: 4.3 mm (12.9F) Working Length: 40 cm

The LARIAT Suture Delivery Device facilitates suture placement and knot-tying for use in surgical applications where soft tissue is being approximated and/or ligated with a pre-tied polyester suture.


The EndoCATH Large Occlusion Balloon is an innovation of a familiar technology for temporary occlusion and angiography.*Using proprietary breakthroughs in non-latex balloon materials, the EndoCATH offers an optimal balance between maximum balloon size and minimal balloon profile.

A Big Balloon with a Low Profile

  • Low profile, 15 mm diameter by 12 mm length balloon compatible with 9F access
  • Distal perfusion holes for diffusion of contrast during angiography procedures
  • Unique, non-latex, polyisoprene balloon material combining ideal elasticity with compliance features desirable for occlusion balloon technology
  • Spacious .035 in guide wire lumen for over-the-wire ease of delivery
  • Compatible with fluoroscopic and echographic imaging to maximize visualization options

A) Balloon Diameter: 15 mm
B) Balloon Length: 12 mm
C) Working Length: 90 cm
Max. Inflation Volume: 1.5 cc
Introducer Requirement: 9F
Maximum Guide Wire: .035 in

* The EndoCATH Occlusion Balloon is intended for temporary occlusion of large vessels in applications such as arteriography, preoperative occlusion, and emergency controlled hemorrhage procedures.


The FindrWIRZ Guide Wire System provides an innovative approach to diagnostic and interventional procedures where control of placement and delivery is desired.*

Maximum Control of Placement

  • .025 in and .035 in PTFE-coated, steerable guide wires enable positioning and placement at desired anatomic location
  • Magnet-tipped guide wires locate each other when in close proximity and attach, for maximum control of placement
  • Minimizes guide wire management requirements for diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures
  • Ideally suited for dual access procedures where control of positioning and placement is required

A) Guide Wire Diameter: .025 in  .035 in
B) Guide Wire Length: 220 cm  150 cm
C) Magnet Diameter: 2.7 mm 3.5 mm
Introducer Requirement: 8F  11F

* The FindrWIRZ Guide Wire System is intended for use in the cardiovascular system for introduction and positioning of over-the-wire catheters and therapeutic devices during interventional procedures. A FindrWIRZ may also be used to manipulate and/or reposition another FindrWIRZ. The FindrWIRZ system is not intended for use in the coronary or cerebral vasculature.


The SofTIP Guide Cannula is designed to provide control during delivery and placement of the LARIAT Suture Delivery Device.*Using advances in braided catheter technology integrated with an atraumatic tip design, the low-profile SofTIP enables guidance and orientation of the LARIAT through a 4.3 mm access for positioning at the targeted closure location.

A) Diameter: 4.3 mm (12.9F)
B) Working Length: 22.5 cm
C) Overall Length: 25 cm

* The SofTIP is intended to be used only with the LARIAT Suture Delivery Device.


The TenSURE Suture Tightener is designed to be used with the LARIAT Suture Delivery Device to optimize tactile feedback during tightening and minimize operator variability.* Human factor studies and clinical experience demonstrate that hand-tightening of suture varies from user to user, which may have a direct impact on the quality of closure.† The TenSURE provides consistency in tightening.

Confidence in Closure

LARIAT suture release tab holder
Tension Indicator

* The TenSURE Suture Tightener is intended to be used only with the LARIAT Suture Delivery Device.
† Human factor data on file with company.


The SureCUT Suture Cutter is designed to cut the multifilament, size “0” suture included in the LARIAT Suture Delivery Device.* The simple design enables rapid termination of excess suture without risk of cutting the tightened knot, due to placement of the cutting mechanism behind the distal tip.

A) Handle with Cutting Actuator
B) Plunger Lock
C) Suture Threader

* The SureCUT Suture Cutter is intended to be used only with the LARIAT Suture Delivery Device.